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An interactive educational flash card program that helps you learn and memorize quickly
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Dimitri Kaparis
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2 May 2008

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Have you been facing problems in memorizing any foreign language that you need to learn or to retrieve any specific information? Then try using Universal Study Helper 1.3.1 which is an interactive flash card program that makes it easy for you to learn different things. It can help you to improve vocabulary, grammar, remember definitions and other such information. Its features include multiple choice tests and other processes that prove to be helpful in learning various things. You can add items with their definitions and have the quick look to memorize it easily. You save the items sheet that you have prepared and resume the information when required.

With the Universal Study Helper 1.3.1 you can have the items added to the program. Select New and then right click on the middle working area and add the new item to form the list of information that you want to memorize. Enter the Item, Comment and then the Definitions related to it. When you have entered all the information then you can have the study started. All the items that you have added are shown on the middle of the screen that you can delete or edit. You can choose anyone method out of the three given; Presentation, Multiple choice, and Question & Answers. Even if you want to have the Study set modified then click on ‘Customize’. While performing the different study exercises have the scores reset whenever required. Change the Settings to make the changes relating to the study. With the Questions Directions you can set what to be provided as questions and what to ask for. Make changes to the count of ‘Number of Choices’ relating to the ‘Multiple Choice’ questions. Enabling and disabling different features like shuffle questions, continuous sessions, case sensitive answers, etc can be done to make the changes for the program to work accordingly.

Universal Study Helper 1.3.1 is very simple to operate and thus scores good on user friendliness parameter. The program has been rated with 3.5 points for the tests for its customization features and the assistance that it provides the user to memorize different educational information.

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An interactive educational flash card program that helps you learn and memorize quickly and efficiently any subject and information. Can be used for a variety of studying purposes, such as: learning foreign vocabulary and grammar, historical events, various sets of terms and definitions, etc. Based on the proven and effective flash card method, it also has many innovative and useful features, such as: possibility for multiple fields per item, presentation sessions and multiple choice tests, complete customization of the study set and learning process, and many more that are unavailable in other popular flash card programs.
Universal Study Helper
Universal Study Helper
Version 1.3.1
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